About us

We exist to help businesses take an insight first approach to generate leads and convert more...

We exist to help businesses take an insight first approach to generate leads and convert more...

…We do this by undertaking web audits and data research to help clients identify the true commercial potential of their website and position themselves online effectively.  Crucially we support and facilitate the development of digital strategies focussing on delivering improvements to the user journey to drive the best return on investment.

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Our Story

Insightful UX was founded in 2016 by eCommerce expert Lee Hill. It is Lee’s belief that many businesses do not have access to or utilise actionable and robust insight data to make informed decisions about their digital assets.

Setting up Insightful stems from a desire to help businesses have a greater understanding of what is possible and help them, with the provision of insight, to engage and convert more customers.

Following a successful career working both client and agency side across various industries, Lee has worked with many top influential digital marketers and UX teams.

Taking learnings from his career knowledge Lee now enables client empowerment with robust data and clear strategy through Insightful UX.

Value based offering

We offer fixed fee services, agreed up front and based on the complexity of your requirements

Considered approach

Our views remain unbiased and independent, we have no vested interest to recommend services you may not need

Value driven insight

We provide recommendations based on the value they will drive in terms of income and revenue

Analytical Deep Dives

We provide more meaningful and actionable insight than some of the best out there, this is why many digital agencies partner with us!

Why partner with Insightful?


Track record

We have a proven track record of improving the commercial performance of our clients websites


Research & Analysis

We explore engagement levels, conversion rates, key user journeys, channels, browsers, pages and device variables in combination, not in isolation, that helps pin point user pain points with greater accuracy


Insight first

We don’t make assumptions regarding our recommendations, they are all insight led



We work independently to web/digital design and development agencies so we are unbiased in our views when reporting on performance

Clients we’ve worked with

We’ve worked for and with a wide variety of clients from multiple sectors from insurance, to bridal wear, solicitors and estate agents. Some of them are below.

Take the guesswork out of your strategy with an insight-first approach.
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