Obtaining traffic to your website is great. But if traffic isn’t converting then website traffic is pointless.  This article summarises 5 effective tactics for getting your website visitors to take action, such as supplying an email address, buying a product, and/or completing a form.

Formulate Clear Action Goals

Make the action you want users to do easy and simple. If it’s a form you wish a website visitor to fill out then keep the form short.  Use decisive action verbs to encourage the user to complete the conversion too. This can be as easy as using direct verbs comparable to “submit,” “buy,” and/or “reserve.” At the same time consider what action the user is taking, if it’s just a contact form don’t say “sign up here”, perhaps use “enquire now” – we recently did this for a client, the web form had increased conversion by 2%.

Produce Visually Appealing Website Pages

Do not over design. If you add too many product images, logos, and graphics then your “clear action goals” mentioned above will get lost. Along the same lines do not create a page only filled with content and no images. Consumers enjoy seeing product images and videos. Develop a design balance of providing product and service information while keeping the page looking neat, appealing and effortlessly searchable. Great design can positively impact the overall user experience.

Add Customer Reviews

According to the Local Consumer Review 2016, “84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” It is an enormously influential factor when consumers are deciding whether to buy from you or not.  Supplying visitors with customer reviews on your website improves your conversion rate.

Examine Landing Pages

When a visitor comes to your landing page he/she has an expectation of what information you are leading them to, especially if it is from a PPC ad. Check your landing page to ensure it matches your PPC ad copy. You don’t want to lead a visitor to a landing page about contacting the company for more information when the PPC ad copy says, “Buy Now.”

Analyse Your Headline

Your headline is one of the most vital components of your landing page. It’s what visitors see first. Thus, take time in thinking about various options for the content and messaging of your headline before selecting the strongest, most effective choice. We advocate A/B testing headlines, subject lines and any of your core propositional messaging to determine which converts better. We recently tested a simple change for client by adding a ‘from only £X’ into their PPC advert, conversion to lead improved from 6% to 10%. Having a robust conversion rate optimisation (CRO) plan can significantly improve conversion and insight to what works for your customers.

These are 5 effective website conversion tactics you can implement in your website design today. What website conversion tactics do you employ? Which ones are your top 5?

Written by
Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Co-Founder & Director

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