In this episode, we caught up with co-director and leader of operations Chris Newnham to talk about his passions and career history.

Where from/ Place of birth: Grantham Originally, my dad is ex RAF so we moved around a bit, but settled in Dorset for the last 25 years.

Personal interests: Snowboarding, filmmaking, photography, vlogging, traveling and being a dad.

Education: BA Hons Leisure Marketing at Bournemouth University, focused on graphic design at A-level mostly.

Career history/experience: I worked for a corporate events company on a placement year where I got first-hand experience of managing websites and social media campaigns. This interest grew and after graduating re-joined the corporate events company, then worked agency side for a couple of years honing my skills is SEO, PPC and web design before going client side and working for various national and corporate insurers managing marketing teams and delivering digital transformation across those businesses.

Why a career in marketing: I actually originally wanted to study architecture and have a background in design, I love creating things and seeing how users respond to those creations. The same principles can be applied to marketing, I enjoy creating great user experiences and optimising them to improve conversion.

What made you join Insightful: For many years I’ve wanted to run my own business and I’ve fluttered with a few ideas but never really cracked it. Anyway, whilst working at a corporate insurer I met Lee and we worked on various campaigns, ‘needless to say’ we got on like a house on fire and the idea started to flourish from there. Going into business with a partner makes the process a lot easier to manage and we regularly bounce ideas or challenge each other which is what keeps us always on the pulse. Eventually, I left employment because the opportunity to run our own business had become more than just an idea, it was a living, breathing thing and I wanted to take the leap…despite the arrival of our daughter only a month prior.

Most successful marketing campaign: Working for a pet insurer we grew the business from 100k policyholders to 300k in less than two years. This was largely driven by digital following a rebrand, launching a TV media campaign and optimising performance across all channels whilst wrapping the entire campaign around a ‘central cause’ of a charity donation challenge.

Who or what inspires you the most: Other marketers, there is so much to learn from our own experiences, I love hearing and seeing what others are doing and using it as fuel for inspiration or collaboration.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job: Working with such a broad variety of clients on a day to basis is really exciting, each with their own objectives and aspirations, I love being a part of those journeys.

What are your future aspirations: Move to a rural area and drive a tractor…maybe in a few years, in the meantime…grow the business and be a disruptor in the market space.

Any future predictions or trends for digital marketing: It’s interesting to see how fast technology is evolving, we’re only a few years away from driverless cars and I’m excited to see how this technology can be introduced into our day to lives as consumers. Then ultimately how we as marketers can use this technology to engage better with consumers. Full-service agencies are going to struggle to keep up and they will need to think harder about how they are differentiating themselves and presenting their proposition.

Written by
Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Co-Founder & Director
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