Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

We hear and see many businesses taking a customer-centric approach. Ace!

Too many, however, obsess about NPS, online reviews, tech and stats.

So much so they miss the soul of a customer-centric strategy.

What really matters is simply providing a great digital experience throughout the sales funnel.

Customer centricity isn’t just about retention and customer service post sales, it should be fed right to the top in the way businesses approach, engage and nurture prospects.

We advocate a customer first, technology second approach. I.e. chatbots are great tools but you need to understand your audience as to whether it will add meaningful value to the proposition.

Through our unique process, we gather actionable customer insights which can be used to guide our clients propositional messaging, routes to market, tech to use and where to promote it. This inevitably improves the customer experience from initial contact through to sale and yep that in almost all cases will increase conversions and client retention.

This is what we do for our clients, every day, with passion. Improving online experiences through customer-centric digital strategies.

Want to know more? Get in touch.

Written by
Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Co-Founder & Director
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