When I was in junior school every Tuesday morning in assembly we would sing a song called ‘Don’t build your house on the sandy land.’ 6yr old me had no idea that this famous parable I was singing would have such relevance to me now at the ripe old age of 28.

If you build on a bad foundation your house will fall down and you will have to rebuild it. When I speak to businesses I regularlly find that they want to continue growing but have found that they have hit their peak – they try to add new ideas or tech but none of it seems to make much difference…so what next?

As in the song, your business will only be able to grow or extend if your foundations are rock solid – if you haven’t put in the time and research to get those basics perfect then you will never reach the levels of potential it could achieve. You have to build it brick by brick, you can’t just chuck a sky light in before you have a roof.

Our approach

Before we start any project regardless it is our own or for our clients we will work out the best way to build the foundations for each scenario. Typically this starts with a web audit and sometimes lead to user testing and more qualatitive research to truly unearth the best formula for driving business growth. This process spans across all digital activity whether its creating a website or creating a campaign.

We then prioritise what needs to be done and provide incredibly accurate forecasting. Taking that extra time at the start has saved us from wasting time and money further down the line by avoiding the parts/projects that don’t work and concentrating solely on the successes.

But what about the house that Jack built?

Unlike the title of this post I’m not talking about a cat eating a mouse who ate some malt in a house that Jack built – but rather the type of house I would build if I were looking to develop a robust and sustainable business for growth.

In summary, don’t build your business on sand, don’t cut corners, you are only wasting your future-selves time and eventually you will have to go back to the start and do what you should have done first time round. This is why we advocate taking an insight first approach. This is the way I would build my house.

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Written by
Jack Price

Jack Price

Sales Manager
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