In this blog post, we caught up and got down to basics with a comprehensive introduction to our illustrious Founder and Director Lee Hill. After all, behind the Insightful UX name, we’re also human beings and we just wanted to show a bit more of our personal side. So without further ado, have a read and see what makes Lee get up every morning.

Where from/ Place of birth: Leeds

Personal interests: Footy oddly I support Leeds & Arsenal, love curry and travelling south-east Asia is a particular favourite

Education: CIM Postgrad & BA Marketing & Advertising

Career history/experience: Purely marketing since 2003 working for corporates SME’s and digital agencies

Why a career in marketing: I love the balance of bringing art/ science numbers & creativity together to truly connect and resonate with audiences

Most successful marketing campaign: You decide; see our case study page

What inspired the idea for insightful: During my career to date I have found many marketers and business leaders making marketing decisions based on perception rather than tangible data. As a purist, I wanted to re-educate the market on the value of taking a step back and gathering insight, which in itself provides better results

Where does the UX bit fit in: UX stands for user experience. Marketing should be about the user and how we improve their experiences with brands, we provide the insight to ensure this happens

How does Insightful differentiate itself: Insight first – this is where we like to start, all too often agencies are guessing at what will work we prefer to speak to a client’s audiences to find out how best to engage with them

Who or what inspires you the most: Results inspire me. I’ve always regarded myself as performance marketer, for me, it’s all about hitting the right numbers. Results don’t lie. They are either good or bad. I’ve always taken an insight first approach and this is why I’ve more often than not hit the targets set before me

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job: Working with clients and colleagues that share your ambitions and passion for marketing and how it can help a business flourish

What are your future aspirations: To inspire more marketers to take an insight first approach, even if it’s not with us

Any future predictions or trends for digital marketing: I think that users of data, insight and technology combined will only continue to increase to help marketers to become ever more sophisticated and targeted in their approach across multiple channels. Those that don’t embrace this paradigm shift will get left behind.

Written by
Lee Hill

Lee Hill

Founder and MD
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