Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Consumers are stepping outside of the traditional marketing models by finding new ways of selecting services and products. They do not handle research and complete purchases influenced by past marketing methods.

It is a new customer journey that is defining how marketers attract the consumer at the decision-making point. This makes the teamwork between marketing and marketing insights a welcoming relationship in this digital marketing age.

Digital Marketing has changed customer research.

In the past, consumers used to be bombarded by print. This is when a consumer started shaping his/her ideas about what to buy and from whom. But with today’s digital age, the user experience is no longer a linear funnel.

There is not one channel swaying the client decision to go with a product and/or service. It is social media, online experiences, branding awareness, peers’ opinions, online reviews, and website usability. It is why having the marketing insight on what you are doing right and what needs improving saves you professional time and money.

So how do marketing insights help you create an effective marketing tactic?

The first is to focus on your brand mission and see if your content, tone, viral videos, website, and social media posts give a positive, streamlined feel to consumers.

Ask yourself if consumers associate positive emotions to your digital presence.  Is your website easy to navigate? Is your sign-up an easy process? Are the action buttons on each page relevant to the consumer journey or do they disrupt? Marketing insights provide you with these answers.

For instance, if someone comes to your website to buy car insurance but immediately sees a full page pop-up message stating, “Sign-up for our newsletter” before seeing car insurance options and pricing then the consumer, most likely, will close the window, do a new online search, and choose another company.

However, by taking the time to learn about this negative association the consumer has when forced to see the action button first versus seeing the product options, and understanding how this affects the consumer journey beforehand, makes your role as a marketer and business owner more efficient and successful.

Initially, this may sound like something small. But having the knowledge to know where to insert action buttons to ensure it makes sense to the consumer journey affects a consumer’s final choice.

Marketing insights gathered and shared don’t stop there. Insights also offer solutions on how to retain relevance, and how to win back potential and repeat leads. Insights are an integral part of marketing efforts. Having this knowledge is powerful and profitable.

Insightful UX equips you with consumer-based, user experience data to ensure you make smart decisions on where and how to allocate marketing funds. We want to be sure you don’t waste time and money on ways that don’t work so you may focus on the measures that do.

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Chris Newnham

Chris Newnham

Co-Founder & Director
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