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Stop guessing! 5 questions to ask your customers

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Here’s a top tip to get your digital sales growing: talk to your customers! They don’t bite, I promise.

Don’t lose your customer focus

When we talk about digital, we tend to harp on and on about the technical advancements – but let’s not get bogged down in the tech. As businesses, we’re rarely dealing with robots as our consumer – at least, not yet! Fundamentally, we’re dealing with people. People with needs.

All the web optimisation we do is only good if you understand what your audience needs in the first place. Sure, you can use tools like Hotjar to see what’s going on, but that’s only half the battle. Why aren’t users interested in parts of your website? Do they need a chat bot? Will they use a search bar? Or will they just ignore it, leaving your investment to suffer…?

Guess no more. Here’s how you find out.

How to speak to customers

Use 1-2-1 interviews to speak to your customers: have one-on-one conversations with your actual prospects and clients. Use your CRM to identify some potential candidates, then reach out and see if they would like to give some feedback.

Writing questions at a desk for 1-2-1 interviews

What should I ask?

  1. Ask about now. “How do you currently feel about [topic]?”
  2. Probe for hurdles. “What frustrates you about [topic]?”
  3. Find out about value. “What does [topic] enable you to do?”
  4. Look for patterns. “Can you give me an example?”
  5. Always look for more information. “Why?”

Be loose; have an idea of what you want to say, but scripted conversations could change the candid thoughts of your interviewees.

How to use your research

Take your insight one step further and develop personas based on your research. You can validate what you thought your audience wanted against what you found out about your customers. With the insights you gather, you can tailor user journeys, propositional messaging and more directly to your audience.

Insight lightbulbWhy bother speaking to customers?

We swear by this method. 121 interviews have helped us understand how to connect with our clients’ audiences. Because of it, we’ve:

  • Increased engagement
  • Created conversion uplift
  • Raised quality of servicing
  • Retained larger audiences

1-2-1 customer interviews have helped our clients communicate with their customers effectively, and even aided new product development.

Easy insights

This process doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. I promise you this: the insights you gather will help you to really focus and to plan forward effectively. With 121 interviews, you have the reassurance that you are making the right decisions.

Need a hand?

We perform 1-2-1 interviews for our clients all the time. Why not contact us to see how we can help you?

Written by
Angela Barnard

Angela Barnard

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