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Top 10 UX Bloggers’ Blogs

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So here it is, the creme de la creme of UX bloggers, if there was a ‘Bloggers Blog Award’ for user experience related content then this will indeed be it.

In our previous post, the Top 50 UX blogs, we contacted a variety of specialist bloggers directly and asked them what blogs they follow and who do they get inspired by? From the responses, we compiled the ultimate list of blogs and resources.

However, in addition to this initial research, there was a clear trend of specific ‘UX bloggers’ regularly noted by others. These guys not only write for other websites but have their own blogs and twitter feeds that provide great content. It would only seem fitting to give these thought leaders a special mention.

So we thought we’d compile a list of the top 10 UX bloggers, as voted by others. Check out the shortlist and let us know who you get inspired by in the comments below.


1. Luke Wroblewski

It goes without saying, Luke Wroblewski is a top internationally recognised author, speaker and UX expert. He has founded and co-founded various tech start ups such as Polar (Acquired by Google in 2014) Bagcheck (Acquired by Twitter in 2011), as well lead projects at Yahoo!, Ebay and NCSA. It’s no wonder he was mentioned as ‘one the ones to follow’ by the majority of UX bloggers we spoke to. Follow @lukew

Luke Wroblewski


2. Paul Boag

Paul is a User Experience designer specialising in digital transformation for non-for profit businesses and universities. He is a published author and speaker and has worked with organisations such as the BBC and UCAS. His blog provides a rich source of insights specifically around UX design and digital transformation. Follow @boagworld

Paul Boag


3. Erik Flowers

With over 19 years experience designing for the web, Erik has run workshops and presentations and has a background in psychology and creative writing. He co-founded Practical Service Design to help educate and inspiring the next generation of service designers. He writes regularly on UX service based design principles, check him out. Follow @erik_flowers

Erik Flowers


4. Jakub Linowski

Jakub is a writer and editor for GoodUI and founder of Linowski of which features over 75 A/B test results for various clients dating back to 2014. He specialises in creating user interfaces which improve conversion. Follow @jlinowski

Jakub Linowski


5. Gerry McGovern

Author and speaker Gerry McGovern has created a research and management model to help large organisations improve their customer experience. He has spoken in over 35 different countries. His blog is rich with insights on improving customer service and has written 6 books on writing better web content and digital transformation. Follow @jlinowski

Gerry McGovern


6. Ling lim

Previously an architectural designer in Singapore, Ling Lim decided to explore her possibilities in San Fransisco. She is now Head of Design & User Experience at a growing startup, myWebRoom. As a writer, speaker and mentor her blog is a wealth of inspirational tips and thoughts about UX. Follow @UXlifter

Ling Lim


7. Jarrod Spool

Jared Spool is an American writer, researcher, speaker, educator, and an expert on the subjects of usability, software, design, and research. When he’s not blogging he’s leading his team of researchers over at UIE.comFollow @jmspool

Jarrod Spool


8. Nick Babich

As a software developer, tech enthusiast and UI/UX lover Nick is passionate about al things related to user experience. His blog is rich with great content (and looks great we might add). Nick also writes for UX PlanetFollow @101babich

Nick Babich


9. Craig Tomlin

Craig is an award winning UX, marketing and conversion professional. He’s also a certified usability analyst with a history of improving conversion on the web since 1996. Founder of Useful Usability. Follow @ctomlin

Craig Tomlin


10. Ryan Singer

Head of strategy at Basecamp, and based in Chicago, Ryan has created a small but concise blog resource covering topics around service design, software interface design, UX and UI product development. Follow @rjs

Ryan Singer


Honourable Mentions

Although we have our top 10 list of UX blogger, for added value and extra resources we couldn’t exclude the following from this post:

Bob Moesta

Moesta was among the principal architects in the mid-1990s of the Jobs to Be Done theory, one of the basic and vital building blocks for helping to make innovation more predictable and successful.

Clayton Christensen

Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen is the architect of and the world’s foremost authority on disruptive innovation. Also, close assoicate of Bob Moesta.

Written by
Angela Barnard

Angela Barnard

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