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Top 50 UX blogs you need to follow

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You asked for it and we did it. Now, here it is ‚Äď the list to end all lists.

We scoured the web for the world’s top User Experience bloggers, thought-leaders and gurus and we asked them a question: who do you follow and who are you inspired by?¬†So, using their input as a guide, we compiled an aggregated score of the top resources as voted by the¬†UX community.

This is the definitive list, in order of popularity and as voted by the best of the blogosphere to decide, once and for all, the best UX blogs you need to follow.


1. Nielsen Norman Group

The number one spot could only belong to Nielsen Norman Group. The UX community is unanimous in its belief that NNG is the top resource. Its trustful, endless resources and groundbreaking research has shaped user experience in the modern era, cementing itself as the backbone of professionals.

NNG Homepage


2. UX Booth

Not following far behind, UX Booth is a publication for and by the UX community. It delves deep into all aspects of UX, from philosophy to architecture.

UX Booth Homepage


3. Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is a peer-written journal on all things design, aiming to stimulate real conversation in the process.

Boxes and Arrows Homepage


4. Smashing Magazine

Offering all kinds of editorial content for web developers and designers, Smashing Magazine is a globally-renowned resource. Sign up for their newsletter and be part of 230,000 modern designers.

Smashing Magazine Homepage


5. UX Magazine

UX Magazine, partner of Mashable, is your one-stop shop for all things user experience. Check their editorial pieces or participate in one of their UX conferences!

UX Magazine Homepage


6. Usability Geek

Justin Mifsud started Usability Geek in 2011 as a personal project to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application of usability. Since then, it has grown into an educational partner and an essential read for any UXer.

Usability Geek Homepage



7. UX Matters

UX Matters is a blog that serves the interests of the wider UX community. They tailor the conversation to the needs of UX professionals and those of stakeholders in businesses, product managers and front-end developers.

UX Matters Homepage


8. UX Myths

Since 2010, Zolt√°n Kollin and Zolt√°n G√≥cza have been debunking misconceptions about user experience. If you’re second-guessing your design choices, it’s always worth cross-referencing with UX Myths.

UX Myths Homepage


9. A List Apart

ALA is a comprehensive magazine ‘for people who make websites’. There are well over 300 articles on all aspects of UX – and then there’s everything else to read!

A List Apart Homepage


10. Studio by UX Pin

UXPin are strong advocates of Agile UX and it’s pretty clear why. Their blog has some great ideas on¬†streamlining collaboration and design in user experience.

Studio by UXPin Homepage


11. UX Movement

Showcasing all things good and bad in design choices, UX Movement demonstrates how these practices can affect user behavior.

UX Movement Homepage


12. Luke Wroblwski

Luke Wroblewski’s 22 years of experience in digital product design becomes a comprehensive library of¬†almost two thousand articles on usability, strategy, design, and so much more.

Luke Wroblewski

13. Balsamiq

The Balsamiq team’s mission is simple: to spread knowledge about User Experience. While the Balsamiq blog shares tips and tricks of the trade, they also curate sister resource¬†UX Apprentice¬†to introduce fledgling designers to UX.

Balsamiq Blog


14. 52 Weeks of UX

This 12-month project has turned into a vital resource for UXers everywhere. Use their lessons from wider reading to inform your way of design.

52 Weeks of UX


15. Creative Bloq

Let the stunning visuals and intellectual artistic conversation on Creative Bloq inspire you to create something amazing in your designs.

Creative Bloq homepage



The team behind aims to curate the best of the noisy UX sphere and relay that information in an easily-digestible way. homepage


17. Designmodo

As well as numerous articles on web design and development, Designmodo create beautiful UI sets for you to download and use in your own creations. homepage


18. Little Big Details

Floris Dekker has brought us daily joy¬†in the form of Little Big Details. There’s something new to read every day on the finer details of design.

LBD homepage


19. Telepathy

Telepathy realises that design is long, continual process. So, they share their breakthroughs in design methodology and company culture with the world so that we can succeed faster.



20. MeasuringU

Jeff Sauro is a pioneer in quantifying user experience. His MeasuringU blog discusses practical ways to measure UX and other issues within the community.

MeasuringU Blog


21. Usabilla

Usabilla’s focus is gaining user feedback on the web. Their articles are particularly attentive¬†to user needs and are well worth a read.



22. UIE Brain Sparks

Jared Spool’s expertise has been on-hand since¬†1978, before the word ‘usability’ was even associated with computers. His teachings and inspiration can be found all over his website, User Interface Engineering, including his inspiring Brain Sparks series.

UIE Brain Sparks


23. Designer News

Technology and design professionals cross-over on Designer News and engage in discussion on design. There are stories to be read on the forum and there’s even a podcast to enjoy.

Designer News


24. Invision Blog

For inspiring thinkpieces on collaborative design, Invision is second to none.

Invision Blog


25. Noupe

Noupe strives for its readers to communicate positively and effectively on the web and offers dozens of resources for you to do just that.



26. The Usability Post

Dmitry Fadeyev’s Usability Post is more than just UX. Its wide interests include art, design, history and philosophy and is a great source¬†where those schools all merge together.

The Usability Post


27. Useful Usability

Craig Tomlin is an award-winning UX, marketing and conversion professional. He’s also a certified usability analyst with a history of improving conversion on the web since 1996. He publishes his thoughts regularly on his home on the web, Useful Usability.

Craig Tomlin


28. UX Blog

UX Blog is a relatively new project but its sophistication is anything but infantile. Its articles and podcasts are always relevant to the modern UX professional.

UX Blog Homepage

29. Wireframes Magazine

Wireframes Magazine showcases samples of the best UX and design across the web.

Jakub Linowski


30. Boagworld

Boagworld is run and managed by Paul Boag, a User Experience designer specialising in digital transformation for non-for profit businesses and universities. His blog provides a rich source of insight, specifically around UX design and digital transformation.

Paul Boag

31. Disambiguity

Designer, researcher and public speaker Leisa Reichelt currently leads a team transforming the Australian government’s digital services to really understand the needs of its users. Her thoughts can be found on her no-nonsense blog, disambiguity.

disambiguity homepage


32. Effective

Effective’s blog aims to enlighten professionals outside of UX and what it’s like to work alongside an agency.

Effective UI Blog


33. Felt Presence

Setup and managed by Ryan Singer, he has created a small but concise blog resource covering topics around service design, software interface design, UX and UI product development.

Ryan Singer


34. Practical Service Design (Previously Hello Erik)

With over 19 years experience designing for the web, Erik co-founded Practical Service Design to help educate and inspire the next generation of service designers. He writes regularly on UX service based design principles, check him out.
Erik Flowers


35. InfoDesign

Over the last twenty years, InfoDesign’s Peter Bogaards has catalogued more than 7000 posts on the growth and development of information design. As the site proudly states, “sharing knowledge is better than having it”.

Info Design


36. Justinmind

The Justinmind team are the brains behind the high-fidelity website prototyping tool. Their blog is equally as brainy as their program!

JustInMind Blog


37. Keep it Usable

The blog of Manchester-based ‘Keep it Usable’ details great ideas and reviews tools for great UX design.

Keep It Usable

38. UsTwo

UsTwo is a digital design studio whohase recently made a splash with their BAFTA award-winning mobile game Monument Valley. If you liked that game, then you’ll love their blog.



39. UX Mastery

It’s safe to say that UX Mastery is the all-in-one toolbox for UXers. Take an online course, read their articles or learn with their professional community – you can do it all with this site.

UX Mastery


40. UX Planet

Whether you’re just starting out as a designer or looking to push the boundaries with your research, UX Planet has all the resources you need to get even better.

UX Planet


41. GoodUI

Jakub Linowski makes a second entry on this list with GoodUI. His easily-digestible page of design suggestions is a great read Рhave a look and see which ideas you can implement into your own creations.



42. Conversion XL

How do you optimise conversion rates on your site? Let the superb ideas on Conversion XL’s blog help you turn those visitors into customers.

Conversion XL


43. Usability

Yes, you read that right. The Government of the United States has a fantastic free resource that’ll aid to in creating more useful and accessible websites.


44. Gerry McGovern

Author and speaker Gerry McGovern has created a research and management model to help large organisations improve their customer experience. He has spoken in over 35 different countries. His blog is rich with insights on improving customer service and has written 6 books on writing better web content and digital transformation.

Gerry McGovern


45. Bob Moesta

Moesta was among the principal architects in the mid-1990s of the Jobs to Be Done theory, one of the basic and vital building blocks for helping to make innovation more predictable and successful.

Bob Moesta


46. Clayton Christensen

Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen is the architect of and the world’s foremost authority on disruptive innovation.

Clayton Christensen


47. Experientia

International UX professionals Experentia curate a regularly-updated blog, Putting people first, focused on the human interaction side of design.

Putting People First from Experentia


48. Ling Lim

Previously an architectural designer in Singapore, Ling Lim decided to explore her possibilities in San Fransisco. She is now Head of Design & User Experience at a growing startup, myWebRoom. As a writer, speaker and mentor her blog is a wealth of inspirational tips and thoughts about UX.

Ling Lim UX


49. Experience UX

Dorset based UX agency, they have over a decade of experience in multiple sectors, not just nationally but internationally too. Their blog features case studies from household brands such as Fat Face, and British Gas as well as run regular meet up events such as UX Bournemouth.

Experience UX


50. Muzli

Like a Pintrest for user experience, Muzli is the professional designer’s moodboard. Start your visual voyage here.



And so concludes the top 50 UX blogs and resources you need to follow for inspiration, tips and knowledge. Check them out.


Honourable Mentions:

Additional resources considered for UI inspiration you should consider bookmarking.

Apple UI Blog

Apple has always been a disruptive force in design and the latest iPhone X proves they’re not slowing down anytime soon.


Google Design Blog

Of course, Google design blog has to be mentioned here, wither non-stop innovation and continuous improvement.


Adobe UI/UX Blog

For web devs and UI designers around the globe, Adobe is the go to tool to build beautiful user experiences, their blog expands on their enterprise level experience.


Mashable User Experience Blog

Mashable is, without doubt, the go to resource for tech and digital news – check out their UX category for some great content.

With thanks to our featured contributors.

Basia Montauk – UXPin

Jessica Orellanes – Balsamiq

Craig Tomlin – Useful Usability

Nick Babich – UX Planet

Peter Bogaards – InformationDesign

Ryan Singer – Felt Presence

Paul Boag – Boagworld

Zoltan Kollin – UX Myths

Jakub Linowski – GoodUI

UX Movement

Written by
Angela Barnard

Angela Barnard

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