The Brief

Planet Numbers, the business phone number marketplace and international calls giant, came to us with a challenge. The business was investing heavily into its digital marketing, but it wasn’t yielding the expected results. 

Planet Numbers’ existing development agency had been tinkering with their website whilst encouraging them to consistently increase their investment into PPC. However, the website hadn’t been able to increase enquiries for their business-to-business phone services. 

They need us to audit their website, quickly identify the issues, and help deliver the anticipated return on investment.

Our Approach

Our process started with a Full Digital Review. Through this, we analysed the inner-workings of the Planet Numbers website, as well as the wider marketplace. Our Team were able to see which pages users were visiting on-site and from which channels they arrived. Ultimately, this would help us to identify any areas that could be a cause for concern.

The website’s overall bounce rate, at first, seemed healthy. Less than 20% of visitors were leaving immediately. 

Digging deeper, we discovered that almost 70% of those users were dropping off within a few seconds of visiting the website. This meant that a visitor’s initial impression of the website was promising, but something was frustrating them into leaving the journey and dropping off the site entirely. This meant Planet Numbers was losing many potential sales along the journey.

The Work

Based on this finding, we ran a Usability Audit for the Planet Numbers site – ’hopping’ into the mind of a user trying to complete tasks and identifying any obstacles in their way. 

At the same time, we analysed the websites of Planet Numbers’ competitors. We asked questions like: How did they navigate the same usability issues? How did they speak to their customers and convey information? 

Based on our findings and our research in the marketplace, we delivered over 20 recommendations to improve Planet Numbers’ offering to its users. These were ranked as high, medium and low priority based on perceived results and ease-of-implementation

Next, through 121 Research, our Team interviewed 9 of Planet Numbers’ ideal prospective customers. This allowed us to understand their patterns of needs across two distinct product areas. 

This process delved deep into the real-life wants and needs of their customers to understand how we could give them their desired user experience. 

We then conducted Web User-Testing to identify how an extra 10% in required conversion could be achieved on the website. These two pieces of research gave a further 30 core recommendations to improve conversion of visitors via the website. 

They also identified new audience insights that could be fed into Planet Numbers’ wider marketing strategy.

The Results

Our work with Planet Numbers was a huge success. By implementing only a handful of our recommendations for their B2B services offering, Planet Numbers saw their sales and income from the website double overnight.

The Reaction

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