The Brief

The Tank Museum is based at Bovington Camp in Dorset. It is widely regarded as the finest and most extensive collection of armoured fighting vehicles in the world. 

With a unique assembly of over 300 vehicles, sourced from 26 countries, and with its action-packed live displays, the Museum truly brings the history of tanks and their crews to life. It is the most historically-significant collection in the world. 

The Tank Museum asked us to create an online video to promote them to new audiences. The goal was to show the size, scale and scope of the Museum experience in a way that would earn the attention of an audience that had little time to give. 

We needed to challenge the preconceptions of The Tank Museum as a dull, old-fashioned provincial museum by demonstrating energy, dynamism and modernity. 

The Museum wanted to move away from TV advertising. We knew the video had to be produced in a way that would enable it to work in many different formats, i.e. desktop and mobile, and on numerous platforms, from Facebook video ads, to YouTube.

Our Approach

We set about scripting ideas that could be ‘modular’ so they could:

  • Appeal to different audiences who visit for different reasons
  • Work as a short ‘ad’ or longer video content
  • Be less reliant on voiceover to communicate story
  • Show the breadth of The Tank Museum’s offer 

We also developed storyboards to map out the visual elements.

Style-wise we were inspired by YouTuber Casey Neistat’s drone shots that take the viewer through multiple environments seamlessly – all in one shot. 

Once we had initial sign-off from The Tank Museum, we partnered with Thin Reel Media to shoot and direct the video. Along with The Tank Museum’s internal marketing and videography team, we developed the script as a group.

This collaborative approach was instrumental in helping us work through all the details in pre-production. This way we maximized the shoot days in the museum and minimised disruption to the general public.

After we developed the script, we shot and mocked-up a rough edit on iPhone to give us a feel for the shot.

The Work

The video was shot over 5 days at the museum itself. It took co-ordination from The Tank Museum’s many teams and volunteers to get all of the shots. Thin Reel’s production team used drones and gimbals to achieve the ‘fly-through’ effect. The final edit was developed by The Tank Museum’s videography team using speed ramps to slow down and quicken-up the pace.

“We went to the Insightful UX team with a tough problem to solve. How can we show the size, scale and scope of the Museum experience in a way that will earn the attention of an audience that has very little time to give?”

The Results

The video has been viewed 4,064,014 times to date. From paid search, the video has had 26,561 views so far. 


To Date

The Reaction

“I didn’t feel I had to surrender any feeling of control over the creative or the production – with Insightful UX and Thin Reel, it felt very much like a collaboration at every stage. The way we were able to work together seemed to bring the best out in all involved. The final product speaks for itself. We are all really proud of the video – and have been working with Insightful UX on a new website which will place this creative at the top of the user journey.”
Nik Wyness
Head of Marketing, The Tank Museum
UX designers looking at white board.

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