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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wireframe Questions

  • Why should you wireframe?

    Wireframing is an essential part to creating a webpage. It helps us understand what will be on the page before spending lots of time and money on design and dev.

  • What are wireframes?

    A wireframe is a very basic, high level overview of the structure of a webpage.

    Website wireframes are similar to architectural blueprints for a building. They provide a high level outline of what belongs on each page, how objects are arranged and even help give us an insight into how the user will navigate from one part of the page to the next.

    Wireframes focus on structure and not content. They come in different styles, from high to low fidelity. The lowest fidelity doesn’t contain any content, and the highest can contain headlines, sub-headings and even icons. Paragraph content is never usually presented in a wireframe but a design mock up may include this content.

  • Website Optimisation Questions

  • What is CRO?

    CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation. It is optimising your site to increase website conversion.

  • User Research Questions

  • What’s the best way of measuring Customer Experience?

    There are various ways you can measure this, including Retention rate, Customer Effect Score, or Net Promotor Score.

  • What is a persona?

    A persona is your key target audience mapped against their demographics, interests, age and with consideration for how they might be thinking or feeling at the point of interacting with your brand or product.

  • What is a customer journey?

    A customer journey represents the series of steps and experiences a customer goes through before purchasing a product or service.

    Read more about the customer journey here:

  • What is 1 to 1 research?

    1 to 1 research is a qualitative form of research, which entails speaking to customers or users. This could be done either face to face or remotely using technology.

  • Is 6 people enough to speak to?

    Our qualitative methodology means you can extract 80% of insights from talking to just 6 people. 5 people is scientifically sound. It’s about listening for commonalities.

  • Our Service

  • We’ve got a really niche audience - will this work for us?

    We have experience successfully working with niche audiences. We’ve achieved amazing returns with industries ranging from Gin to Security Gates, from Luxury Womenswear to the NHS. We’re yet to start working with a business that what we do doesn’t work for.

  • Hot Topics

  • Covid-19: Where should I be prioritising my time in terms of channels right now?

    This is where our research can help. If your internal resources are temporarily depleted you need to be focusing your time and budget on the most effective channels. This is more important than ever right now.

  • Covid-19: Should I stop marketing during the lockdown?

    With more people at home consuming media and content, there is an opportunity to expand your brands awareness and reach more potential customers.

    Read more here:

  • Covid-19: My MD has frozen my marketing budget? What can I do?

    Now is the time to be setting your business up for success once this is all over. Businesses that survive this are the ones that don’t shrink into their shell. Actions make the difference. Always.

  • Content Questions

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