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Large national insurer

The Brief:

Brightside had a poor online add-on sales penetration of their breakdown cover and other ancillary products. They wanted to understand how they could improve conversion and generate additional income from add-on sales.

Our Approach:

  • We conducted a website audit to identify core user behaviour
  • We then conducted a competitor review to explore other web journeys and best practice techniques
  • The business undertook a session to understand user traits and demographics
  • We ran a workshop with internal teams to discuss/ identify barriers to conversion
  • This was followed by an additional workshop to map out potential journey changes and future tests
  • Finally, we worked with their internal development teams to plan out proposed tests and deploy to live


We improved the primary user journey conversion & increased add-on sales income per customer by over 250%. The results speak for themselves but the route to achieving this success was delivered by an Insight First approach.


June 29, 2017


Competitor Analysis, Web Audits