What we do and why we do it.

Full Digital Review

What is it: 120+ page audit of analysis and recommendations for your web and marketing.

Why do it: A robust, data-driven document to build your digital strategy around.


User Research and Testing

What is it: Research and testing of your product or service with your target users.

Why do it: What users think, feel and do shows where to make improvements.

Wireframes and Prototyping

What is it: A blueprint for your website or app that that can be tested.

Why do it: Saves time, money and shows developers what to build.

UX Wireframe.
UX designers looking at white board.

Project Management

What is it: Our dedicated team will work with you to deliver digital products and solutions.

Why do it: Cost-effectively brings expertise together with one central point-of-contact.

Proof of Concept

What is it: ‘Soft’ launch your idea to test interest from customers and investors.

Why do it: A ‘soft’ launch results open-up investment into your validated idea.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is it: Ongoing work to ‘test and improve’ your web traffic > conversion rate.

Why do it: Getting a visitor to convert into a customer is the metric for your website.


“After implementing just 3 recommendations from the review, online sales doubled”

Robin James, Managing Director
Planet Numbers