Customer and Market Research

Do you know what your customers really want from you? We gather valuable insights from your users and prospects

Competitor and market review

What is it?

We recruit real users and prospects from your sector

We ask qualitative questions to understand true user attitudes

We uncover behaviours towards your product, your service, and your sector

Why do I need it?

See for certain what you need to do in the marketplace

Identify how to engage and convert customers more effectively

Find meaningful ways to retain clients and service customers

How do we do it?

Market Research

Whether it’s a face-to-face interview or consumer surveys, we’re able to gather insights about what your customers want and need the most.


Humans are guilty of making assumptions – so we investigate using the facts. We use qualitative and quantitative research methods to find answers.

UX Research

Every customer interaction matters. From a button click to the words on the page, the research we gather can inform the whole design of a website and beyond.

"Insightful UX have impressed from the very start, not only giving us some valuable insight on the user experience of our websites but now developing into a trusted marketing partner. From the beginning it was clear that they wanted to get a deep understanding of the industry and because of this they are now working with 4 brands across the SG Group."

Daniel Mepham, Managing Director of the SG Professional Services Group
Daniel Mepham Managing Director, SG Professional Services Group

"We tasked Insightful to carry out an in-depth digital review of our current digital offerings and to establish a robust digital strategy to push the business forward. It was wide-ranging and included the development of a new brand, a brand refresh and the management of the redesign of our website. I have been immensely impressed with the team at Insightful to date. Their expertise has been invaluable to help build an exciting future for the business bringing energy, drive and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend them."

Luke Baldwin, Deputy CEO of Niche Financial Solutions
Luke Baldwin Deputy CEO, Niche Financial Solutions

Our process

Customer and Market Research is the second step in our four-step process. But every insight we gather for our clients begins with a Review.


What is happening? Complete a Website Audit or Full Digital Review.



Why is it happening? Gather insight with User Testing and Customer Research.



How to improve your website: using Wireframe UX Design and Conversion Rate Optimisation.



Start seeing results, supported by Project Management and Digital Consultancy.

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Knowledge, growth, sales. It all starts with this process.