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COmpetitor Analysis

Learn from your rivals. Lead the pack.
Young woman making notes on the competitor analysis

Learn and lead.

Knowing your strengths from your weaknesses are vital in business. In digital, it can be less clear what a “strength” actually is.

Understand exactly what your competition is doing – and do it better.

What is a competitor review?

A competitor review analyses 10 rival websites in your sector – whether they’re local, global, or who you want to compete with – from the perspective of your users.

We look at every factor that motivates a user to convert on another website – and show how it could work for you.

Competitor Analysis

Uncloak the mystery with a competitor review.

Made by humans

Our UX experts are better than any software. There’s no tool that can give businesses this level of insight.

After we complete our competitor review research, we present our findings to you face-to-face.

We help you join the dots.

Our process is built around using insight and validation to help businesses make better decisions when it comes to their digital marketing.

“The Website Audit and Competitor Review was able to highlight critical issues with the website as well as highlighting areas for improvement”
Mark Edkins Ecommerce Director
Mark Edkins, Marketing Director - Brightside Insurance

Want to know how much harder your website could be working?

Let’s crank it up for your business.