Quantitative Research

Gain the confidence you need in numbers.

Understand your customers and market beyond doubt.

Sometimes you need to understand how popular certain actions and opinions are. And you need to be able to trust the research by having a robust sample behind it.

Qualitative research will deliver detail that quantitative research will struggle to – but sometimes you need to understand what proportion of customers or potential customers feel and act a certain way. 

This can provide you with the certainty you need to direct your business.

What quantitative research includes.


Research Design

The survey questions and the routing needs to be written and determined.

This is normally a first draft created and sent for feedback with subsequent revisions made.



If we are recruiting a target market we use a variety of research panels in order to recruit the best representative sample possible.

We also run quant surveys with your customers from list – or a blend of both.



Surveys are sent to a small sample first in order to check they are working as planned and data is populating correctly. 


Data Tables & Analysis

After the research is complete, we receive data tables and analyse these results.

These will be yours to keep so you can refer back to the results when needed.


Reporting Key Insights

After the analysis, we produce a report to include the key results and insights from the research.



We will always make recommendations off the back of the research so that you have a clear path forward.

Reasons to conduct quantitative research?

Quantitative research has a beautiful simplicity to it.

Whilst there are a range of different qualitative methods, within quantitative research there is generally is a great simplicity to the approach.

We get a meaningful sample and ask a range of questions, often including brand awareness, brand regard, purchase journeys, purchase criteria, hierarchies and more.

Then look at the results, cross-tabulated by certain key factors. 

Affordable incentivising.

One of the key reasons to use a research panel is that respondents are incentivised through their panel membership rather than on a case by case basis, which would ultimately make a lot of quant research prohibitively expensive.

And with some panels at over 500,000 in the UK, you are no longer researching a certain type of person. It is large enough to deliver meaningful, representative samples.

Avoid expensive assumptions.

Ever assumed you have a killer product or marketing idea, only for it to flop?

Conducting research is a way to gain confidence in your idea prior to larger investment, as well as understand what tweaks you should undertake moving forwards.

“Insightful UX conducted a thorough programme of testing with online & offline tools and a very professional approach to the work. ”
Kris Collins, Digital Project Manager Herts University

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