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website usability testing

Harness the power of your users

Understand your users behaviours

Website usability testing is a powerful UX research methodology to gain qualitative data on what your target audience are really thinking, feeling and saying about your digital presence.

Cut through the clutter and understand the mindset of your users by conducting specific tasks online.

What do we do?


Test 6 users

It is statistically proven that testing just 6 users will uncover over 80% of core issues
People gathered around a table discussing digital strategy

Remote moderation

Moderated usability tests can be conducted remotely, wherever you are in the world

UX lab

Our UX lab offers a distraction free environment to test functionality and key components

Know your competition

Test your competitor websites to see what they’re doing well and not so well, learn from their mistakes

Test different personas

Different users have different needs, we test different persona groups to maximise the output

Validate ideas

Fixing a problem in development costs x10 more than fixing it in design

The benefits of usability testing

What happens after the usability testing?

Once the results are in, we dissect and analyse the responses to draw attention to common themes and stories coming out of the research.

All sessions are recorded and presented back in a clear and concise format with key actions to help you make decisions based on insight.

Whether you’re building website or looking to increase conversion, usability testing is the core of our service offering.

Wage War on Assumption:

We’ve seen brands fail time and time again because they haven’t recognised their users needs.
Don’t assume the answers, unlock your potential by understanding your customers.

Our UX research forms part of our insight first process of qualitative and quantitive research methodologies.

Let your users do the talking. UX Research >>

“Insightful UX conducted a thorough programme of testing with online & offline tools and a very professional approach to the work. ”
Kris Collins, Digital Project Manager Herts University

Does your website struggle to achieve its goals?​

Stop assuming. Start understanding your customer needs.