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User testing provides next level UX insight

We’re passionate about gathering evidence and building robust digital strategies which put user experience at the heart of any campaign. Our UX research team specialise in conducting web usability testing to understand ‘why’ users behave in such a way when visiting your website.

It is statistically proven that 80% of usability issues can be gathered from just 6 users per audience segment.


UX Research Specialists:

Participant Recruitment

Brief development

Task specific user testing

Qualitative UX Research

Reporting and analysis of findings

A/B landing page testing

Workshop to present findings

Qualitative usability testing and UX research

From our experience, this type of qualitative research provides a greater level of insight towards user behaviour that may not have been factored at the point of website design. On one client project we undertook, over 50 critical recommendations were highlighted – which demonstrated a large proportion of the issues causing users to drop off. These issues would have unlikely been addressed without first undertaking usability testing.

Take the guesswork out of your strategy with an insight-first approach.
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