UX Workshops

The first time you meet us will probably be in a workshop.

Why bother?

Workshops are like an introduction to UX. It’s our first stage of discovering your needs and your marketing strategy.


We make them fun and interactive. Often there are some quick wins to be had just from offering a different perspective. 


Our tailored workshops can really benefit you and your team, and we love them because there’s usually cake.

Types of workshops

5 Planes of UX

If you’re about to design a new website.

A proven process to plan and design based on your business and customer needs.

Service Design

If you want to improve or design a better service offering.

Either online offline or both, this process is a great problem solver.

Customer Journey Mapping

If you’re trying to join the dots in your business.

Take a walk in your customers shoes to find friction points and opportunities.

Google Design Sprints

If you want to launch and validate a proof of concept idea fast.

An intensive 4-day programme going from problem to launch.

Other ways workshops help

Spot unseen problems

Challenge assumptions and agree solutions – with experts around the table

Build team confidence

Collaborate and learn as a team means knowledge gets shared quickly.

Explore wider solutions

Create, debate and challenge ideas from different perspectives.

Testimonial from Angela Piromalli

Managing Director, Let’s Rise Recruitment


2hr workshops provide tools and tips

Want to discover some quick marketing wins?