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Make something your users will like, NOT make them like something.
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Start building your website right.

If you’re about to start building a new website, you need to make sure it’s right for your users. Chucking money at it won’t mean customers come flocking. You need to make sure you’re solving the real problem. Complete this entire planning process into a day’s workshop. Start right, grow faster.

What is a UX workshop?

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Define the scope:

A UX workshop is a laser-focused day session that gives you a better way to plan a new site or app. This is our go-to workshop to help focus a better brief going into a build.

Introducing the 5S model:

Based around the principles found in Jesse James Garrett’s book, The Elements of User Experience, your unique workshop focuses around 5 key areas:

Engages your team:

Our UX workshops are hyper-interactive sessions that pair your business knowledge with fundamental user experience elements. We can run workshops at your offices or as an away day at our Poole HQ.

Why trust it?

Built for success

Our process has been key for businesses to launch digital products that attract more users and better sales.

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"The innovation workshop they delivered was really fantastic and has not only given us a lot to work on but really boosted staff morale."
Jess Mackie, Digital Coordinator Animal Friends Insurance
Jess Mackie, Digital Coordinator Animal Friends Insurance

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