Designing A New Website

So you need a new website? Those ads tell you that for a nominal fee you can build an amazing looking website in 3 easy steps. That’s partly true…

The reality is that building a website that engages your customers and drives sales is much more complex than the above.

Just because it looks amazing doesn’t guarantee that people will respond to it.

The traditional way is to talk about what design you want, what content you’ll add and what pages you need. Then build and launch it. What those ads don’t talk about is how the websites actually perform – do they deliver the sales? Rarely.

Why does that approach fail? Because there’s zero input from the audience. They hold the key to producing the right website. Involve the audience in the process from start to finish and you get a website people love.

This may sound more expensive but it actually saves on costs and helps produce a better performing website.

Our process includes:

Website Audit
Website User Testing
User Journey Mapping
Wireframing, Prototyping & Testing

If you have an existing site, we’ll figure out which bits are good and which bits are not so good.

Then we’ll apply the good elements to your new site. We’re not talking visual design here, we are talking about what helps your users.

We also learn which bits users like about your competitors websites. So you can ‘borrow’ from others without having to pay for the privilege.

With this insight, we can then start to map out a new website and even test it before designers and developers are involved. To make sure the launch all goes well.


We recently worked with a educational group to rebuild their websites for a variety of audiences.

We planned out user journeys for each audience. This process helped highlight and prioritise the main features that needed to be built. It showed which technology could be hooked-up to improve the website experience for each audience group.

It also provided clarity on content needs and the most effective ways to serve up course content. We also found a simpler way to increase course applications.

Our work is now being used as a blueprint to build a range of new websites.

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