Improving An Existing Website

If website performance is lagging, the pressure is on. We’ll help remove that pressure by pinpointing exactly how to improve performance.

When a website isn’t getting the enquiries or sales it should be, we know it’s hard knowing where to start.

The Insightful UX team have been there themselves and have felt that pressure.

We’ve designed a methodical and proven process that ensures that prioritises the right areas to increase the volume and quality of enquiries.

Our process includes:

Website Audit
Website User Testing
User Journey Mapping
Wireframing, Prototyping & Testing

We start by digging into your website stats to help us find which areas aren’t working. This helps us prioritise the areas to improve that will drive more volume.
This analysis helps us write a research brief to recruit the right people talk to talk to and help us with the test. We’ll then test the website with these people. These tests are moderated – ideally face-to-face, if not then remotely using video recording technology.
The test shows us what needs developing into a new wireframe which we will mock-up and test again to make sure we are solving the right problem.
All of this is done before the design and development stage so the brief to your partners is as tight as possible which will save money.
Animation of user on conversion cycle

We worked with a brand who knew something wasn’t right on their website but weren’t sure how best to improve it.

After some analysis, the work was needed in an area that had been overlooked. So we mocked-up and tweaked the new feature and removed those that were simply not needed.

The traditional way of building and updating websites without prototyping and testing, means these issues only surface when the website has been launched and the budget spent.

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