Launching A New Product

Most product launches fail. We de-risk the process and help you launch successfully

We know it’s difficult to know where to start or who to turn to.

We don’t guess at this stuff. Instead we analyse, research, test, forecast and plan. This helps you understand what is involved and the effort required.

Our clients tell us this process gives them confidence.

Our process includes:

Full Digital Review
Customer Research
User Journey Mapping
Wireframing, Prototyping & Testing

We’ll work with you to discover the real problem your product solves for customers. We then find the right channels to launch and test.

This stage will also identify the cost of launch and expected ongoing marketing.

Once we know this we’ll work with you and your team to build an effective website that is fully tested. This gives you the best chance of a successful launch.

The prototyping stage helps saves big on development. It also allows us to make changes and re- test so we can be confident that the idea has been validated.

Our partner brand Hybrid can also help with running the ongoing digital activity.

Animation of user on conversion cycle

We worked with Hiring Circle (HC) and their development partner, to help them launch in the right way.

This involved running workshops and prototyping website journeys pre-build. This helped the design and development teams focus in the right areas.

Despite being in a crowded recruitment market, HC are growing with pace.

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