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Got an idea for a brand that will make you fortunes and disrupt the sector? Do you have enough cash to see the idea through?

If you’re launching a new product, the key is to understand which channel can drive the most volume at the lowest cost.

Our investment deck is designed to show investors the Return On Investment (ROI) from your idea. It also shows how the idea has been validated by speaking to the end users. The deck will show that the world is ready to buy your product and pay the price that turns your idea into a real business.

Our process includes:

Full Digital Review
Customer Research
• (Optional prototyping and testing stage)

Our work starts by exploring the marketplace in question. Who the competition is, the audiences and size of market. We then review channel you may use to launch and the forecast the ROI. At the same time, we’ll explore the best platform to promote your brand.
All of this information is useful to provide investors with confidence in your growth strategy, the funds required to launch and the ROI they could expect.Validating the brand idea with real users allows us to be clear that we are solving a real problem. Or, if the idea needs tweaking slightly then you’ll know quickly. Believe us, it’s cheaper and gives you a greater chance of success the earlier you know about this.
Validation is the key here and that’s why start-ups work with us like so they don’t burn through their budget on excessive build costs and the wrong launch channels.

We are working with many brands to help them bring their ideas to life and secure investment.

What we have found is that the idea they come to us isn’t alway what gets launched. Enter the pivot!

This is because until you have validated the idea you are never sure if people actually want it. They may only want small parts of it. Or something completely different.

Most start-ups fail because they don’t solve real customers problems and run out of money. Your idea could be the next big idea to fulfill the needs of an entire market sector. !


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