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A participant and a moderator at a laptop performing a web user testing session

Listen, you’re a busy person so I’ll cut to the chase: You need to complete web user testing for your website. I promise you, this blog is worth the read. You’ll see that this is the fastest way to grow a business online.

Are you not getting the sales results you deserve? No matter what changes you make on your website, does it feel like you’re not seeing sales grow? If you’ve hit a wall with your website’s conversion rates, don’t just throw money at the problem. Put your website to the test with some web user testing.

In a nutshell, what is web user testing?

Simply: a moderated fact-finding mission. Find real users, set them tasks on your website and observe their progress. Repeat on your competitors’ websites.

Sometimes, businesses become snow-blind online. Chatbots, VR, AR… whole businesses get so bogged down in the nitty-gritty tech stuff that they lose sight of what their customers really want.

What does web user testing reveal?

When you ask questions, note emotions and look for trends between users, you start to learn a lot. We’ve completed lots of web user testing for our varied clients in different sectors. And, each time, the user testers find insights that even we – as a professional team of marketers and UXers – hadn’t considered. It’s scarily good.

Armed with new knowledge straight from the horse’s mouth, you’ve got the competitive edge. Now it’s time to turbocharge your conversion rates!

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The cost-effective way to grow conversion

You can keep your arm and your leg – this process doesn’t cost a fortune. Web user testing provides amazing ROI and gets the job done quicker than most conventional testing.

How many users should I test?

As few as 6 participants in your web user testing session will help highlight 80% of the core issues on your website. Once your users are recruited, the whole process can be done and dusted within 2 weeks – feedback and all.

These six conversations remove the guesswork from a website’s performance. Say hello to clarity and get those sales you deserve.

Need a hand?

This is what we do, day in and day out. It’s in our blood. Let us take the headache away and do the testing for you. We’d love to help: why not contact us?

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